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Benjamin Robinson serves as the vice president for JHL Outreach, Inc. Benjamin has walked closely with John for 5 + years and has been John’s right hand ever since. Benjamin and John first started working together in prison ministry where they both would minister the word of God to young boys and men. Benjamin is an ordained minister at Cornerstone Peaceful Bible Baptist Church where he also participates in the outreach ministry. In addition he has ministered at Shepherd’s Cove Women’s shelter, P. G. House Men’s shelter, and Boys Village juvenile detention facility in Cheltenham, Maryland, 801 Men’s Shelter in S.E. Washington, D.C., CCNV Shelter, 425 2nd St. N.W. Washington D.C. Benjamin has several years working in computer technology at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Benjamin also has taught mathematics in Montgomery County and Prince George’s County public schools for many years. Benjamin also plays the flute and saxophone and has written 3 books. He has a B.S. degree in Mathematics and Masters degree in Secondary Education. As the vice president, his duties are to work closely with the president to ensure that the operational aspects of the non-profit are met at all times.

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