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John H Lawson, III is the founder of JHL Outreach, Inc. Since childhood, he had a heart for God and a passion for giving back to those in need. His mission in life is to bring Heaven to Earth by demonstrating God’s compassion to the world. For 40 years he has served in evangelism, prison ministry and homeless outreach within various organizations and ministries. He has served in many positions that catered to delivering God’s word while providing shelter resources and meals. It has been a dream come true to establish JHL Outreach, Inc. During his role as President, he is responsible for overseeing the board. His duties include working with the Vice President to ensure that all decisions of the Board are being carried out. In addition, he is responsible for appointing committees and committee members and all board members report to the President. He graduated from Spirit of Faith Bible Institute with a diploma in Ministerial Studies. The President serves a term of 2 years.

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